Here you can post your gold farming stratiges

Half GoldEdit

Plant Marigold on the first half of the lawn.Plant 2 Gold Magnet on the pool lanes.Add offenive plants on the other side(recmoned Melon-Pult,Gloom-Shroom,Gatling Pea).Secuess will vary on what offensive plants used.

Gold and gloom-shrooms[last stand]Edit

you will need: marigold,gloom-shroom,fume-shroom,coffee bean,garlic,spikeweed.

add four garlic on rightmost squares next to the pool,two on each side.then five gloom-shrooms behind them.

then add four marigolds on the leftmost lane,not in the pool.then repeat in second lane.then add spikeweed in the lanes along the fences.replenish garlic with extra sun.

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